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Frecuent Answers and Questions

What is included?

  • Your reservation include breakfast
  • Transfer from Puno (bus station, train station or form hotel)

¿Can pick us up from bus station?

When you go to arrive in the early morning or night we recommend above all take our private transfer, either from the bus station, train station or airport, if you arrive while there is sun, can also ask about what options are to get self-employed, we will give all the information to arrive fast and safe to our lodging.

Accept Dollars or Soles?

It is possible to pay both in soles and dollars, we use the exchange rate of the day, but must take into account that both our lodging and other hotels in Peru, no checks accepted shabby dollar banknotes on all, should not be painted or written with markers, or broken, not damaged any kind of check is accepted.

What does TUPIRMARKA mean?

The Uros people have always lived on a floating islands which are made of reed, which is why TUPIRMARKA means "Floating City".

How can i get the Island?

There are two ways, the first one and most recommended is that you contact us directly and we will arrange your transfer from anywhere in Puno (hotel, bus station, train station or airport) until Tupirmarka Island (Island of the Uros) and the second is self-employed; once you get to Puno can take a taxi or walk to the main port of Puno, there can board a motor boat and tell the captain of the boat to take them to the "TUPIRMARKA ISLAND".

I want to stay one night, but I have arranged a Tour. What do I do?

We can organize tours in Puno for you including our lodging. We can arrange your personalized tour.

Now I have an organized tour in Puno, How I can include the lodge?

Must provide the name of the company, which booked. We will get in touch with the travel agency to arrange your stay in our island.

What kind of food can I find?

All meals are healthy and are prepared to order. The breakfast includes bread, fruit, coffee or tea and agree to the preference of our guest eggs. Dinner and lunch are with trout (fried, grilled, steam) or chicken base.

I am a vegetarian Should I bring my own food?

No, if you want. becouse we can prepare meals for you but let us know in advance.

Should I bring a sleeping bag or bedding?

No, All our rooms are warm with mattress, clean sheets frasadas. and even if they are cold? bags will give you hot water for the night.

What languages ​​do you speak?

We speak our native language Aymara. Also Spanish and English

Can I charge my camera battery?

Yes, we have solar panels all over the island and has universal plugs.

Can i swim in Lake Titicaca?

Yes, The ideal season is in summer (December to March)

The accommodation has wi-fi?

No, we do not have wi-fi on the island for our guests.